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Marie Hayden

Main Instructor & Business Owner



    • Human Kinetics (1992)
    • Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
    • Nutrition Wellness with a Focus on Hormonal Balance
    • BCRPA Personal Trainer
    • Pilates Reformer Beginner/Intermediate
    • Yoga (Restorative)
    • TRX
    • CORE Resist a Ball Level I, and II
    • Pilates on the Mat & Pilates With Props
    • Bender Ball Posture and Body Balance
    • Lebarre
    • HITT
    • Tabata

Specialized Training in 50+ 

    • BCRPA Third Age (50+)
    • Active Ageing Certification
    • Menopause and Fitness
    • Osteofit
    • Pilates & Yoga

Specialized Training Pre & Post Natal

    • Pre/Post Natal Strength
    • CORE Training for Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy Posture and Exercise
    • Training for Delivery
    • Wired and Tired Prenatal
    • Fitness for Fertility
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Weight Loss after Pregnancy
    • Strengthening the Pelvic Floor
    • Pilates & Yoga
    • Pelvic Floor Pfilates
    • Post Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist Program


      • Shoulder and Pelvic Floor Workshop from Level 1 Franklin Method Instructor

Marie’s journey through fitness started with her love for athletics as a youth. After her sports activities began to slow down the weight gain began… assisted by a few too many scoops of ice cream and orders of fries with gravy.

After always being fit, Marie took a keen interest in weight training to help shed those unwanted pounds. Marie continued to be passionate about fitness and utilized her skills to assist others along the way. Naturopathic healing helped her continued digestion issues such as bloating, pain, exhaustion, irritability and gas.  The final diagnosis was multiple food intolerances and allergies. After years of misdiagnosis, Marie’s digestions issues were on the mend and now her path to wellness really progressed. She now offers food sensitivity testing.

Eliminating her food intolerances helped to significantly boost her energy levels and get her back on track. Two pregnancies 15 months apart put a bump in the road. Unlike most fitness enthusiasts, Marie was unable to exercise due to extreme low back pain and other complications. Frustrated by the common myths that she would lose weight “after delivering,” “while breastfeeding,” “after the first year,” Marie took control of the situation with multiple conferences and workshops that allowed her to reshape her body and then eagerly began to help others around similar challenges.

During her postpartum journey she did rehab with Concept Physio and Pilates Connection. This started an amazing blend of Pilates Reformers and Physiotherapy. Today she not only brings her wealth of knowledge in strength training but also in her love of Pilates Reformers that were introduced to the studio in 2017. Wherever you are in your Journey Marie brings you over 25 years of health and wellness experience.

Marie has also experienced Hormonal Imbalance and Hypothyroidism which has also led her to create the ReNEWU Meal Plan. She works closely with Naturopathic Dr Kristen Read. This program includes Naturopathic visits of Thyroid, Cortisol and Hormonal Testing.

Marie looks forward to assisting others find a healthier lifestyle. Let Marie open your eyes to a healthy approach to wellness.

Shawn Hayden

Pilates Trainer

In 2017 I began my exploration into Pilates on the the Stott Tower Reformers. I was amazed at how just a few classes a week was transforming my life. I have lived with chronic shoulder pain for years. I visited various therapists and finally found healing in Pilates. I also had high blood pressure and decided that 2018 was a year of change. I started the Pilates Teacher Training with Pilates Process and I am hooked on seeing  others heal and benefit. 

I have immersed myself in learning fascial  movement in addition to furthering my education with Physio Assist Modules. Come see me for a fantastic class or book in for your Therapeutic Session and start moving and feeling better. I look forward to getting you started in your Journey with Pilates. 



    • Pilates Mat 1-3
    • Pilates Reformer Beg/Int/Adv
    • Cadillac 1/2
    • Fascia Movement and Assessment


    • Shoulder  Workshop from Level 1 Franklin Method Instructor
    • Pelvic Floor 
    • Shoulder  Workshop from Level 1 Franklin Method Instructor
    • Happy Feet Franklin
    • Relax Release Tone Fascia Workshop